Sunday, October 22, 2006

Plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale after weight loss.

Whether a person would benefit from plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is different for each individual. There are many factors that contribute to such a decision. Everyone looks better after weight loss. While many wont need, or desire, a surgical procedure there are others who do. The decision to pursue plastic surgery is a personal one.
Many advertisements for cosmetic enhancements in the newspaper and media can lead to confusion rather than be informative. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures. There are body wraps, laser lifts and different therapies using light and sound waves. There are mini lifts, lunch time lifts and thread lifts. There are tummy tucks, body lifts and breast lifts. There are Botox, Restalyne and collagen treatments. It can leave many people asking “which one of these will work for me and how do I know which to choose?”
Making an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and doing your research are good first steps. Dr. Shuster can explain to you the different types of procedures that are available. After determining your goals, he can then let you know whether you are a good candidate and which procedure may best address your concerns.
Choosing which procedure will give you the desired result is affected by many factors. These include your general health, how close you are to your target weight, and how much redundant skin you may have. As a patient, you need to be educated as to what procedures are available, but only a professional may be able to advise you which one will give you the results you desire.
For appropriate candidates, plastic surgery can lead to very dramatic results. When considering this it is important to be realistic. If your expectations are reasonable you will be elated with your results.

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