Sunday, May 20, 2007

Plastic surgery for men's breast and chest

Among the increasing number of men who are requesting plastic surgery is the deisre to improve the appearance of thier chest area. This may be due to true enlargement of bale breast tissue, known as genecomastia. Another cause may be disproporianate accumulation of fat which can lead to what actually seems to the development of female appearing breasts. Many men find this quite disconcerting and make them self-conscious, especially when taking of thier shirts in public. Yet a third cause for concern is the man who has lost much weight and has hanging skin. This also can lead to a female appearence.

Which ever of these leads to a male patient seek improvement in their breast areas, surgical options are available. Dr. Shuster sees many such patients on a regular basis. Fortunatley, the techniques available today consistently produce excellent results for these causes of male breast enlargement.

For men with such an interest, the first step is a consultation. This allows them to learn about thier particular condition and the treatment options available. Consultation with Dr. Shuster can be arranged through his web site,